Turn your law firm into a client magnet.

Fill your schedule with 15 to 75+ potential clients in your specific practice area in 4 weeks or less — or you get a full refund.
57,000 appointments generated
Lawyer Marketing Agency

The smarter way to grow your law firm.

With SuperPractice, your calendar will be filled with qualified potential clients in your specific practice area in 6 weeks – or you don’t pay.
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Instantly Unlock Your Firm's Growth Potential

Uncover untapped opportunities, and see where you rank in your practice area.

How much, on average, does one client generate in revenue over the entire time they work with your firm?

How to get started.

Get The Blueprint

Learn how to create an online patient acquisition system that generates new, high-value cases every month.

Rainmaking Session

In 30 minutes, we'll show you the exact client acquisition system we use to rapidly scale agile law firms.

Grow Your Practice

Precisely track the ROI on every dollar invested, which means no excuses and predictable growth for your practice.

Legalese is your language. Client acquisition is ours.

SuperPractice paves a direct path to scaling your law firm, freeing you from the drag of costly, ineffective marketing services that sabotage your growth and ROI.

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Client acquisition, supercharged.

In just a few days, we install a customized client acquisition system directly into your law firm that typically converts at 3X the industry average.

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Rapid growth, without the bloat.

Get a reliable client acquisition system that drives rapid growth without the costly, ineffective marketing services – aka ROI killers.

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From daily grind to strategic freedom

Escape the relentless grind. Build a firm that generates the money possible with the least amount of team members, complexity or time required.

Lawyer Advertising Platforms

The top digital platforms, one unified strategy.

SuperPractice strategically leverages the top advertising platforms based on your firm’s growth stage and target clients, navigating the fastest route to ROI.

 Can you respond to this email?  Analyze this contract for potential risks.  Write an email promoting this article.  Prepare a presentation for a legal seminar.  Draft a follow-up email to this client inquiry.  Write a video script for a family law FAQ series.
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Maximize efficiency with automation and Jurix AI

Unlock unmatched efficiency with Jurix AI and powerful automations. Streamline tedious tasks and future-proof your firm, from lead follow up to client intake.

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Over 15,000 new client opportunities generated

Empowering law firms to grow, our approach has generated over 57,000 new client opportunities. Our results speak for themselves.

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View case study

Increase in revenue


Increase in leads

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Increase in leads


Increase in calls

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Increase in leads


Increase in calls

Guaranteed Results

Law firm marketing that just works.

Tired of empty promises from marketing agencies and gurus? SuperPractice offers a proven, fast-track system with everything you need to scale your law firm — guaranteed.

Marketing Agencies
Coaches & Courses
SuperPractice offers a clear path to the results that matter most: more clients, more revenue, without the guesswork.
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"Since the time we started using David and the SuperPractice team we have seen a 300% increase in both inbound leads and conversations."

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If your like me and you have tried multiple “platinum partners” and have been disappointed over and over again, stop wasting your time and hire this company."

Grant Gisondo - Gisondow Law
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"Excellent advice about a difficult market. Very happy they are on my team!"

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demand more law firm

"David is fantastic! He is not only very knowledgeable, but he is very responsive and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him.

We appreciate ambitious lawyers. They appreciate our results.

Legalese is your language. Client acquisition is ours.

You win cases. We line them up at your door

Ambition drives your law firm. SuperPractice drives your results.

Our law firm growth process

SuperPractice isn’t about marketing; it’s about leading your market. Where others offer promises, we offer proof. With precision-crafted digital strategies, relentless ROI focus, and systems built for scale, we turn law firms into market leaders. No guesswork, just growth.

We help lawyers break through these common growth barriers

SuperPractice’s proven client acquisition system is effortlessly integrated into your law firm, directly targeting growth challenges at the right times for efficient and sustainable growth.

Inconsistent and unpredictable client acquisition

More revenue starts with more new clients. We focus 100% of our efforts on scaling client acquisition so you can focus on what you do best.

Relying too heavily on referrals

Playing the referral lottery is no way to scale a law firm. Systematically and profitably acquire new clients through the most innovative ROI focused digital strategies.

Excessive marketing costs eating profits with no ROI

SuperPractice frees you from costly, ineffective marketing, focusing your budget on strategies that consistently generate new client opportunities for your firm.

Your practice feels like being stuck on a hamster wheel

Create systems to streamline and automate busywork, freeing you to focus on high-value activities and serve more clients without sacrificing quality or profit margins.

It's feast or famine with no clear growth path

We integrate the key to stability: a consistent and reliable client acquisition system, allowing you to end the cycle of feast or famine cycles in your firm

Falling behind on the latest tech and systems

Leverage data analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence in a continuously improving client acquisition system custom-built for your firm.

A client acquisition system that scales alongside your firm.

Get a client acquisition system that strategically integrates marketing platforms and strategies at the perfect time.


Call Tracking

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Email Marketing

Google PPC Ads for Lawyers

Google LSA Ads

Google PPC Ads for Lawyers

Google PPC Ads

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Instagram Ads for Lawyers

Instagram Ads

Landing Pages for Lawyers

Landing Pages

LinkedIn Ads for Lawyers

LinkedIn Ads

Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Meta Facebook Ads

Quora Ads for Lawyers

Quora Ads

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SMS Marketing for Lawyers

SMS Marketing

TikTok Ads for Lawyers

TikTok Ads

X Twitter Ads for Lawyers

Twitter Ads

Web Design for Lawyers

Website Design

YouTube Ads for Lawyers

YouTube Ads

Driving growth across all areas of law

Our innovative client acquisition system is engineered to drive growth and success for law firms in any practice area.

Family Law
Intellectual Property
Criminal Defense
Employment Law
Tax Law
Estate Planning
Business Law

Unlock Your Law Firm's Growth Potential with Our Proven Resources

Maximize your firm’s potential with our proven resources – from client acquisition to team building and beyond.
The SuperPractice Method

The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Grow Your Law Firm from 6 to Multi 7-Figures with Next-Gen Client Acquisition

Transform your law firm into a multi 7-figure powerhouse with our step-by-step blueprint for attracting high-value cases on demand
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