How Rapacke Law Group achieved explosive 1137% revenue growth with next-gen client acquisition

Andrew Rapacke, the visionary behind Rapacke Law Group, embarked on a mission to redefine the legal landscape for intellectual property.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Andrew set out to build a law firm that not only excelled in delivering top-tier legal services but also prioritized the client experience above all. His ambition was not just to practice law but to revolutionize it, making Rapacke Law Group a beacon of client-centric legal service in the intellectual property domain.

The problem: Navigating the pitfalls of traditional legal marketing

Despite Andrew’s clear vision and dedication, the path to transforming the legal industry was fraught with challenges. The Rapacke Law Group encountered the all-too-common pitfalls of traditional legal marketing strategies, which promised much but delivered little. These ineffective strategies not only drained resources but also hindered the firm’s ability to connect with clients who could truly benefit from their innovative legal solutions. It was a classic case of an industry visionary being held back by outdated approaches to client acquisition and growth.

The solution: A phased, results focused approach to client acquisition

Recognizing the unique challenges and untapped potential of the Rapacke Law Group, SuperPractice deployed its expertise not just as a marketing service but as a visionary partner. The solution was a meticulously designed, phased approach to client acquisition, deeply rooted in the ethos that prioritizes building a scalable system for consistent client opportunities over broad-spectrum, ineffective marketing efforts.

  1. Immediate Impact through the Catalyst Phase: The journey began with the introduction of the Catalyst Plan, a strategic blueprint crafted specifically for the Rapacke Law Group. This plan focused on generating immediate client opportunities by deploying a high-converting client acquisition system. Unlike generic marketing strategies that fail to deliver measurable outcomes, this system was designed to resonate deeply with potential clients, highlighting the innovative legal solutions offered by the firm in the intellectual property domain. The Catalyst Plan’s immediate success set the stage for sustained growth, proving the effectiveness of a targeted, data-driven approach to marketing.

  2. Sustained Growth through the Traction and Momentum Phases: With the initial success of the Catalyst Plan, SuperPractice and the Rapacke Law Group moved to the next phases—Traction and Momentum. These phases aimed at enhancing client engagement and converting the high volume of leads into loyal clients. SuperPractice introduced advanced retargeting strategies, conversion optimization techniques, and an automated follow-up system to ensure that every potential client interaction was maximized for trust-building and value demonstration. This period of building momentum was crucial for establishing a durable foundation for the law firm’s market presence.

  3. Long-term Authority Building: Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence and thought leadership in the intellectual property space, SuperPractice guided the Rapacke Law Group through the development of a comprehensive digital platform. This platform served not just as a client acquisition tool but also as a content hub that positioned the firm as an authority in its practice area. The integration of an SEO and content strategy, part of the SuperPractice Plan, was designed to attract the ideal client profile and establish the firm as a top-tier thought leader. This long-term strategy ensured the firm’s dominance in search results, complementing the paid traffic strategies and creating a holistic growth ecosystem.

Integrating Client-Centric Values with Strategic Execution

At the core of SuperPractice’s approach is the alignment with the law firm’s goals, ensuring that every step of the client acquisition process is designed to reflect the firm’s values and vision. This bespoke strategy not only delivered immediate results but also laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and authority building in the highly competitive intellectual property law domain. By moving beyond conventional marketing strategies that offer little in terms of ROI, SuperPractice has demonstrated the efficacy of a phased, growth-oriented approach that is both adaptable and responsive to the needs of modern law firms.

The Results


Increase in revenue


Increase in clients


Increase in leads


Increase in web traffic


Top 3 ranked keywords

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